An order is the campaign that’s set up between you and the advertiser.


Let’s say you have a travel blog, and you’re negotiating a direct deal with an advertiser, YourAdventure, for a campaign to run over the summer. You might create an order for a campaign called Summer Break.

Line items

Within each order are line items, which carry out the specifics of the order and determine what serves on the site or in the app. These specifics include where the ads will display and in what inventory, as well as when and for how long they’ll run.


You might set up a line item, called 300x250_Travel_Mobile, to reflect the specifics of the campaign. This portion of the campaign is targeted to 300×250 inventory on mobile from the travel subsection of your blog.


Within each line item, you’ll find the associated creatives, which are the display files of the ad itself.


The advertiser may provide a 300×250 ad creative (tropics_calling.jpg).



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