Who Am I?

AdOps Network is spearheaded by Abhijeet Anand, whose journey in the AdTech industry began at AdPushup as an AdOps specialist, overseeing operations for over 20 publishers across a diverse portfolio of 100+ websites, generating an impressive monthly revenue of $600,000. Building on this foundation, Abhijeet transitioned to GeeksforGeeks, a million-dollar website, where his strategic optimizations catapulted revenue by over 60%. Not stopping there, he attained mastery in PMP and Direct deal strategies.

Drawing on his extensive network and expertise, Abhijeet further elevated his impact by collaborating with multiple publishers and ad partners, driving significant growth in ad revenue generation.

How can I help Publisher and Ad Partners?
  1. Offering direct ad campaigns and PMP deals to enhance ad revenue.
  2. Onboarding and overseeing Prebid demand partners
  3. Proficient management of Google Ad Manager
  4. Assisting Publishers in obtaining and managing MA and MI accounts.