When you use the Search bar to filter or search for ads, helpful filtering options will appear to aid your search. Let’s take a closer look at those options now. Below is a list of available filtering options.


Find ads with matching ad text or destination URLs.

Publisher domain

Filter ads based on which of your sites they appeared on.

Newest ads

Search for ads that have appeared on your site in the last one, three, or seven days.

Ad Network

Search for ads from a specific ad network.


Filter based on the language detected for ads. To determine ad language, we look at various factors including the landing page of the ad as well as its content. This means you might see ads with images or text in a different language than the one you’ve filtered on. The percentage of ads in each language determines the list order.


Filter based on the size of the ads shown on your site. The percentage of ads of each size determines the list order.

Ad Type

Filter by image, text, or rich media ads.

Click String

Search for ads based on their tracking URL.

Publisher deal

Filter ads that served through specific Programmatic Direct Deals or Private Auctions by entering the Deal ID.

How to review ads

Now that you know how to find the ad exchange ads that have displayed on your site in the last 30 days, you can review the ads and decide whether to allow them to continue serving or block them.

The Unreviewed tab shows the ad exchange ads that have appeared on your site in the last 30 days. To make sure you’re always reviewing the most important ads first, ads rank according to the number of impressions they’ve received. 

Note that ads must have received at least a small number of impressions to be eligible for review.

Allow and block ads on your site

The Ad Review Center in Ad Manager helps you effectively manage all of the ads that appear on your site. If you’re happy for an ad to continue showing on your pages, you can mark it as reviewed, and it’ll stay there. The ad will move to the Reviewed section, so you won’t need to review it again. 

On the other hand, if you don’t want an ad to appear on your pages again, you can block it. Ads you block move to the Blocked section.

Note: Reviewing ads and marking ads as reviewed isn’t required for ads to continue serving.



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