Introducing: The creative!

A creative is the ad a users see on a webpage, app, or other digital environment. They can appear as an image, video, HTML5, or something else. 

How are creatives served?

Creatives usually come from the advertiser. They must be added to a line item in Ad Manager in order to display. If the line item is selected to serve, the creative will serve to a targeted ad unit.

Creatives: Display and Video

There are various creative types you can add to your network, depending on the ad experience your advertiser wants to create. These creatives can be divided between Display and Video.


The Display ad type allows you to create a variety of ad experiences, from standard image ads and Campaign Manager URLs to native formats and custom solutions.

Within Display, you can choose either “standard” for stand-alone creatives or “master / companion” to serve sets of creatives together. Choosing “master / companion” will let you attach a companion Display creative to a main or “master” Display creative, which will serve together. The master / companion name simply describes a relationship between the creatives. This option is only available in Google Ad Manager 360.


The Video creative type supports a variety of ad experiences, including video ads that appear within a player during streaming content, video shown outside of a video player, rewarded ads, images that show over video content (overlays), and redirects to ads hosted by third parties.  

Video creatives by default can include an optional companion creative to the main or “master” Video creative. 



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