What are the Adjust Delivery settings when creating or modifying a line item?

After filling out the delivery settings information of the line item, there’s an optional section called Adjust Delivery. Here, you can choose how you’d like the line item to:

  • Deliver impressions
  • Display creatives
  • Rotate creatives
  • Serve to certain types of users 
  • Deliver on certain days and times
  • Limit its frequency

Deliver impressions

The Deliver impressions field asks how fast you would like your impressions to serve. Ad Manager’s ad delivery pacing system is designed to distribute the impressions for a line item in one of three ways. Each is explained in further detail below.


Google encourages publishers to use the Evenly option to deliver impressions equally over the course of the campaign. This is the default setting.

Here’s how it works: Let’s say the line item has a goal of 10,000 impressions over a 10-day period. Selecting Evenly from the list delivers the daily average (1,000 impressions) plus 5%.

This average is constantly recalculated. On the first day, it’s 1,000 impressions plus 5%.

On the second day, there are 8,950 impressions left, so the daily average would be 994 plus 5%. This pattern continues for the rest of the campaign.

This delivery pattern provides protection against under-delivery, in the case of traffic dips toward the end of a campaign.


The Frontloaded option attempts to deliver impressions ahead of schedule by as much as 25% during the first half of the campaign. It returns to the Evenly pattern of distributed impressions in the second half of the campaign.

Use this method if you want the bulk of the ads to show at the beginning of the campaign, with fewer ads at the end.

As fast as possible

The As fast as possible option attempts to deliver impressions up to the impression goal as quickly as possible.

It’s never considered on schedule and will serve an impression whenever eligibility arises. There are no daily goals, so if there are 10,000 impressions to be served on the first day, this line item could meet its ultimate goal on that first day. 

This option won’t change the priority or allow the line item to serve over a higher priority line item. The impressions will only serve as fast as possible, given its constraints. 

It should be noted that this selection is used less frequently than the other delivery methods. It doesn’t significantly change the delivery pacing for a line item with a short duration or one nearing its end date.

Display creatives

When creating or editing a line item, use the Display Creatives line item setting to determine how many assigned creatives can be displayed on a given page. The Display creatives dropdown will give four options to choose from.

Only one

If you choose the Only one option, only one of the creatives associated with this line item appears on the homepage.

In the example below, there are three creatives associated with the line item. If the line item is selected by Ad Manager, it will only display in one of the ad units on the homepage at a time.

One or more 

If you choose One or More, multiple creatives associated with the line item can appear together on the page, although more than one is not guaranteed.

If the line item is selected by Ad Manager, it may display in one or more of the ad units on the homepage at a time. This is the default setting.

As many as possible

If you choose the As Many as Possible option, the creatives associated with the line item will display in as many slots as possible.

This serves only if the line item wins for the first slot on the page where it’s eligible to compete.


When you choose All, the line item only serves if all creatives can display on the page.

In the first example below, there are four creative, but only three ad slots, so none of the creatives are served. In the second, there are three creatives and three ad slots, so all the creatives are served.



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