How Ad Manager compares CPM?

In real time, Ad Manager compares CPMs among eligible line items.

Temporary CPM for best guaranteed line item

For each eligible guaranteed line item, Ad Manager dynamically creates a temporary CPM (or reserve) price during each ad selection process. It’s based on the line item’s priority and progress and can’t be manually adjusted, and it isn’t visible in the user interface.

The temporary CPM is what protects the guaranteed line item’s delivery goal, taking its progress into account while still creating the opportunity to optimize revenue.

CPM for best remnant line item

For eligible remnant line items, those with the highest CPM are in a better position to serve, as the remnant CPM (or rate) is the price that’s used in dynamic allocation. 

If a value CPM is entered, it’ll be used over the remnant CPM (rate) during dynamic allocation. 

CPM for best Ad Exchange ad

The best ad from Ad Exchange is the one selected per your configured Ad Exchange settings and conditions, which considers Preferred Deals, Private Auctions, and/or unified pricing rules and protections.  



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