You can gain significant value by producing customized Reports and then analyzing the results. Use Google Ad Manager reporting to create and schedule reports, allowing you and others within your organization to gather insights.

Ad Manager reporting

Ad Manager reporting enables you to create robust, customized reports that display information based on filtered data and parameters.

Benefits of Reports

Reports provide much versatility. Let’s look at some of the reasons you should use this tool.

Make your reports as detailed as you want.

Choose from many dimensions, attributes, and metrics, which allow you to produce detailed reports.

Save time by running reports from templates

Make reports from predefined templates, which saves time you’d otherwise spend setting them up yourself.

Export data with ease.

Export large reports to popular formats, such as Google Sheets, Excel, and the .CSV file extension.

Customize reports according to users’ needs.

Create and save reports according to users’ needs. Each account user can create and manage a library of their own custom reports. Users can also share custom reports with others.

Review up to two years of historical data.

Data is created on an ongoing basis, to keep reports current. Run reports for today, yesterday, or any date range in the last two years.

Easily share reports.

Invite collaborators and share results from within a report.



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