The quickest way to create a new report is by using a template in Ad Manager as a starting point.

Ad Manager has a library of useful templates that contain pre-selected criteria to help you get started on a new report. Use templates to construct reports for your network over a given time period.

Create a custom report from a template

Templates can be used as a starting point to help you create customized reports.

  1. Navigate to Templates under Reporting in the left side menu.
  2. Modify a template by selecting the template you want to use as a starting point.
  3. Then configure it to suit your needs, and give it a new name to save it in your list of reports.

Know your report types


Historical addresses the question: How did I do?

Historical reports let you view data on clicks, revenue, click-through rate, and total impressions for past dates.

Remember: Unfilled impressions are ad requests that didn’t return an ad. That means no line item was eligible to serve. Avoid that scenario by having widely targeted (run-of-network) ads always running on your network, such as house ads or Google AdSense/Ad Exchange ads. Unfilled impressions aren’t included in total impressions count.

Ad Exchange Historical

Ad Exchange historical reports help you see how your Ad Manager network’s primary Ad Exchange account is performing.

Future Sell-Through

Future sell-through addresses the question: What can I expect?

Future sell-through reports show data on sell-through rate (STR) and forecasted, available, and reserved impressions for dates in the future.


Reach addresses the question: Who’s seeing my ads?

Reach reports provide an estimated number of unique visitors exposed to different advertisers, orders, line items, or ad units in your network, over a given time period.

Partner Finance

Partner finance reports help you track assignments and reflect host-partner revenue splits based on advanced financial configuration.

Ad Speed

View ad speed data related to ad requests flowing through your Ad Manager network, including linked Ad Exchange web properties.



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