​​​​Filter your data

When building a report, use filters to narrow your search and display only the relevant data you want to report.

For example, you might only have interest in including data from certain advertisers or certain line item types.

Note: Though filters are set at the top of a report, we recommend selecting dimensions and metrics first, then revisiting filters to further restrict the results.

Group by dimensions

In a report, dimensions help break down the report into groups, so you can easily read and interpret the data. Ad Manager allows you to select up to 10 dimensions.

Some dimensions have more attributes associated with them. Select any attributes to retrieve more detailed reporting information about the dimension.

For example, when selecting the Line item dimension in your report, you could also select more attributes such as Agency or Rate.

Report metrics

Ad Manager has a variety of metrics to choose from to help you create a report that answers your questions.

For example, you might be interested in seeing your Total impressions or Total Active View revenue.

Limitations of dimensions and metrics

Ad Manager reporting provides a variety of dimension and metric combinations. But due to certain limitations, Ad Manager can’t offer each and every combination. After you’ve selected a dimension or metric, if other fields appear grayed out or unavailable for selection, that indicates those metrics can’t be combined.

In that case, navigate over the exclamation point. A box will appear, indicating which dimensions the selected metric is conflicting with, or which dimension is required for the metric to be used.

Add filters, dimensions, and metrics to a report

Before proceeding with the steps below, make sure that you’re editing a report.

From the side menu, select Reporting, then Reports.

When the Reports page displays, select the report you wish to modify, or create a new report by selecting the New report button.



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