Ad selection refers to the process of how Google Ad Manager chooses the best ad to […]
What’s an Ad Exchange type line item? Ad Exchange line items let you decide which inventory […]
How Ad Manager compares CPM? In real time, Ad Manager compares CPMs among eligible line items. […]
What are the Adjust Delivery settings when creating or modifying a line item? After filling out […]
Guaranteed vs. non-guaranteed Depending on how you sell your inventory and how you want the ads […]
Orders An order is the campaign that’s set up between you and the advertiser. Example: Let’s […]
Ads.txt files Authorized Digital Sellers, or ads.txt, is an initiative from the IAB to improve transparency […]
With traditional banner ads, the advertiser provides the actual ad itself — for example, a 300×250 […]
 Let’s go over the types of platforms you can serve your ads on. They fall into […]
Preferred Deal A Preferred Deal allows you to offer buyers inventory at a specific negotiated price […]